If you’ve found a bug, have an idea for a feature, or have a comment or other question, we would love to hear from you. Search the Issues to see if anyone else has run into the same thing. If so, add onto that issue. Otherwise, start your own issue. Thanks for your thoughts!

If you want to implement the change yourself (that would be awesome!) then continue…

Get the Code

Fork the staticjinja/staticjinja repository on GitHub. Clone a copy of your fork and get set up:

$ cd $HOME/projects
$ git clone git://{YOUR_USERNAME}/staticjinja.git
$ cd staticjinja
$ make init

The dev dependencies are installed in a virtual environment managed by poetry. To use the dev tools (such as the pytest or flake8 commands), you need to either run them inside the poetry virtual environment with poetry run pytest, or enter a poetry shell with poetry shell and then you can run them directly such as pytest. See the Poetry docs for more info.

Making Changes

Start making edits! The poetry install command that was run in make init should have installed the local version of staticjinja in editable mode. Any other projects on your system should be using the local version, in case you want to test your changes.

Testing your Changes

You should test your changes:

$ make test

This will:

  • Run tests on multiple Python versions.
  • Check that the code is formatted and linted.
  • Check that the documentation builds successfully.
  • Check that the package builds successfully.

If one part of this test in particular is failing, let’s say building the docs, then you can iterate faster by just testing that one step with make docs. See the makefile for all the possible recipes.

Submitting a Pull Request

Nice job, your code looks awesome! Once you’re done with your improvements, there are a few checklist items that you should think about that will increase the chances your PR will be accepted:

  • Add yourself to AUTHORS.rst if you want.
  • If relevant, write tests that fail without your code and pass with it. The goal is to increase our test coverage.
  • Update all documentation that would be affected by your contribution.
  • Use good commit message style.
  • Once your PR is submitted, make sure the GitHub Actions tests pass.

Once you’re satisfied, push to your GitHub fork and submit a pull request against the staticjinja/staticjinja main branch.

At this point you’re waiting on me. I may suggest some changes or improvements or alternatives. I am slow, I’m sorry. It may be weeks or months before I get to it. I know, that’s pretty terrible, but this is just a hobby project for me. If you want to help speed things up by taking on co-maintainership, let me know.

Thanks for your help!