• Enable users to direct pass dictionaries instead of context generator in Site and make_site() for contexts that don’t require any logic.
  • Introduces a mergecontexts parameter to Site and make_site() to direct staticjinja to either use all matching context generator or only the first one when rendering templates.


  • Allow passing keyword arguments to jinja2 Environment.
  • Use shutil.copy2 instead of shutil.copyfile when copying static resources to preserve the modified time of files which haven’t been modified.
  • Make the Reloader handle “created” events to support editors like Pycharm which save by first deleting then creating, rather than modifying.
  • Update easywatch dependency to 0.0.3 to fix an issue that occurs when installing easywatch 0.0.2.
  • Make --srcpath accept both absolute paths and relative paths.
  • Allow directories to be marked partial or ignored, so that all files inside them can be considered partial or ignored. Without this, developers would need to rename the contents of these directories manually.
  • Allow users to mark a single file as static, instead of just directories.


  • Add support for filters so that users can define their own Jinja2 filters and use them in templates:

    filters = {
        'filter1': lambda x: "hello world!",
        'filter2': lambda x: x.lower()
    site = staticjinja.make_site(filters=filters)
  • Add support for multiple static directories. They can be passed as a string of comma-separated names to the CLI or as a list to the Renderer.

  • “Renderer” was renamed to “Site” and the Reloader was moved staticjinja.reloader.


  • Add a command, staticjinja, to handle the simple case of building context-less templates.
  • Add support for copying static files from the template directory to the output directory.
  • Add support for testing, linting and checking the documentation using tox.


  • Add a Reloader class.
  • Add Renderer.templates, which refers to the lists of templates available to the Renderer.
  • Make Renderer.get_context_generator() private.
  • Add Renderer.get_dependencies(filename), which gets every file that depends on the given file.
  • Make Renderer.render_templates() require a list of templates to render, templates.